AGE highschooler

JOB girl

IS dirty-stray-cat

BIRTHDAY twentyfirst of march

LIKES doll collecting, doll making, skipping classes, eggs... salted foods, dei overbearing-ness, the joy of picking on a wound, tasteless girl idols, total freedom, causing shit, tight spaces, the space between the ground and the bed, stealing shit from phos room

DISLIKES people, crowded spaces, student council, rationality into incoherency, biscuits, tasteless foods, scorching sun, tasteless boy idols, bugs in her hair, bandaids on her skin, TOMATOES, esdaile, deis height

ABOUT a wondrous girl with a questionable perception. sol is a lanky girl with the liking of pushing people around and away, a liking that comes with her hobby to bother people for fun. suffers from lack-of-understanding-people syndrome, a bid by her own doing by not trying to in the first place~shes constantly fighting her own flesh and in result she doesn't quiet work the same anymore. cats are unpredictable, but she's not always violent, atleast not to people "perceived" lower than her STILL-NO-GUARANTEE

sharp eyes that sees nothing but the worst in people and the best in the dead~ tall, unlike someone here. nose and other features may disapears or distort itself when she holds dark intents. her most prideful feature is her red?orange? pink? messy hair and her two twin braids. hairstyles may vary, but as long as she stands within school grounds, it will not change

stomach grumbling "ok we'll eat spinach today." stomach grumbles darkly "no, nevermind, i told you it wants fried eggs."


HOLD huge pair of scissors she stole.

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