AGE middleschooler leaning

IS sleeping-sheep

JOB boy

BIRTHDAY nineteenth of july

LIKES rock collecting, his mom, comfort in warm spicy soup, affection (not attention) blankets and pillows and billows, baking, the routine drilled onto him, boys love novel(secret!)

DISLIKES unexpected planning, nosy people, esdaile, attention(not affection)insects, horror, slackers, group projects, working on it on his own.more unnamed things... the eyes outside of his room

ABOUT quiet and reserved to only himself and his loved ones.. pho follows a monochromatic routine of going to school, dying, revival, and living again. he values anything people displays, from affection to indifference, quite observant in his own way. his school records are polluted with red absents due to his sour habit of disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere. other than his red marks, he held some records of using violence when provocated. he tries his best not to use meaningless violence, or using it at all nowadays. some kindof dog-sheep abomination.

fairly sharp eyes that goes no where, some thick pair of eyebrows are his friends. can be spotted anywhere with his very messy hair. he has almond-like skin, often covered and littered with scabs and little scars due to his skin picking habit. habits are hard to break.

throws pebbles at the pond. throws pebbles at the pond. throws pebbles at the

FUNFACT attended school earlier due to being smart for people his age~some says hes a genius, labels varies .

HOLD pondside rock ~~> as a result of his hobby. sometimes a brick

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