AGE middleschooler leaning

IS sleeping-sheep

JOB boy

BIRTHDAY nineteenth of july

LIKES his 11 years old pillows and blanket, esdaile, rock collecting, organizing and cleaning and, baking and cooking, sweet snacks, warm spicy food, his friends, the hand-me-downs boy love romance book from his older acquaintances to him, his mom

DISLIKES unexpected planning, nosy people, the knocking at the door, the banging, esdaile dying the eleventh time this month, when people caught him sneaking and skipping class LOL, confrontations, dei shits, horror movies, finding his belonging gone

ABOUT quiet and reserved to only himself and his loved ones.. pho follows a monochromatic routine of going to school, tending, dying, and living again. he'd rather not bring attention to himself, instead choosing to just observe people silently. he hold great skills remembering the things around him, however seems to have "bad memories" about his actions when confronted. his school records are polluted with red absents due to his sour habit of disappearing and reappearing out of nowhere, the only saving grace being his outstanding test scores. he hold past records of using violence, now he avoids meaningless violence or violence overall. some kindof dog-sheep abomination.

fairly sharp eyes that goes no where, some thick pair of eyebrows are his friends. can be spotted anywhere with his very messy hair that are unsaveable. he has almond-like skin, often covered and littered with scabs and little scars due to his skin picking habit. habits can be hard to break.

throws pebbles at the pond. throws pebbles at the pond. throws pebbles at the

FUNFACT attended school earlier due to being smart for people his age~some says hes a genius, labels varies .

HOLD pondside rock ~~> as a result of his hobby. sometimes a brick

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