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JOB boy

IS corner-city-mouse

BIRTHDAY april fools-given by Solanine

LIKES writing fictional stories, gifts, nice clothes, jazz music, his CUTELY-NEATLY-ORGANIZED-LY routine and bucket list on his SPECIAL-BOOK, friends, specifically friends who follow everything he says like a dog(impossible)

DISLIKES downers, sol overbearing-ness, the stench of a neglected room, cockroaches, dirty shit, rats(?!?) and germs and rot, overcooked food undercooked food, city polution, street clowns and clownery in general

ABOUT a boy from nowhere, with dreams to be everywhere. dei is often described to be naive, and strangely overconfident with perfectionism. he has a habit of disregarding concepts, taking things his own way for better~worse. he will die over and over again but he'll come back of his casket hole as always like a mouse. his daily activities will strung him into a crazy hill, but he'll dance thru it while stomping on peoples head. he has the strongest will from the rest, it happens when youre constantly eating keys and vomiting them back up. MOE THROUGH THIS.

big round dark greyish eyes, full of mousy intent. an odd mole sits under his left eye. his pale hair and complexion is very notable. his hair is short and hugs him like a helmet would, maybe hardened with gel? will he grow some legs? whys he short?
"lalalalala~~ i love sol~~" <~~ he didn't say that

ADDITIONAL has a record of multiple breaking and entering plus theft

HOLD anything he can

estranged 2023 stickerpack

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