AGE highschooler

IS oblivious-bunny

JOB nothing

BIRTHDAY twenty-seventh of october

LIKES pho, free time, flowers and perfumes, knives and weaponry, teas and pastries and coffees, people, his sisters apartment, knowing peoples information and habits more than he should, ""tending"" for his "connection his own way", specifically phos

DISLIKES people pleasers, idolization(hypocritical?), people, fuzzy domesticated animals, obliviousness(hypocritica?(2)), when dei forces himself to pay for their drinks ,middle schoolers, fish without undergoing three food process, sol roughness,

ABOUT the vice student council president~~with a consistent smile on his face, he always put people both at ease and discomfort. mannerism laced with casual-polite manners are likeable enough to many, he can be self absorbed and eccentric, most are aware though, everyone is strange. many acquaintances enjoy his presence, but he don't enjoy theirs. often times he'd find themselves resenting the company of others. his mind palace only reserved for long deceased dreams and people out there. a dependent bunny waiting for toilets to vomit on, subjects to adore on, delusions to dream on, and cables to chew on.

eyes similar to dei big ones, though their difference lies in esds more stable square shape. daile hair is known to be straight and kept neatly, with the length that sometimes reaches his shoulders. their skin is dark, coming from the south asian region. you will often see him with the student council white belt and coat.

scribbles, scribbles, the sound of them writing their thoughts and desire can be heard

FUNFACT man made cupid born from self taught love, can be reffered to with masculine or neutral terms

HOLD boxcutters. though only troublemakers that stays up after 10 knows that !