HERBICIDALL takes place in the BUSY CITY OF SINGAPORE. the story specifically takes place in a dorming school of MAIGLÖCKCHEN, students are allowed to choose whether or not they may dorm within the facilities provided, or if they'd prefer to stay in their guardians home like an average student would.

ien's note: if i were to be honest, the background city/country may be subjected to change, one thing for certain is it'll always stay in either southeast asia, or east asia due to similarity or familiarity in cultures.

MAIGLÖCKCHEN comes from the German word of LILY OF THE VALLEY. theyre cute flowers

illustration of the school drawn on the side ----->

BONUS the school uniforms both for students and staffs. from the left, we have the teachers uniform, in the middle we have the highschoolers uniform, and for the far right, dog suit.