HERBI, for short is a collection of comedic story told from the eyes of "DEI" and "SOL" about pride and shame. The overall story of the series is more character-driven since it focuses on the relationships and ties between the casts, the carcasses between them, and the crazy adventures along the way~Herbi consists of comics and other drawings, both of them often are subjected to change as everything is slowly put into place, hope it is still tangible, life is all for laughs...

For more info about the world, click 7-800 CERAMICA HELP CENTER. themes of alienation may follow the story as it delves into the casts sickness.
BIRTH7th of nov 2022
GENREsurreal humor, dark comedy, drama, slice of horror, gayshit

webmaster, penpal~ien teethcrook

also goes by con, i love the body the mind and everything in between. personal site can either be clicked here or by the hylics gif above. goes under teethcrook9110 on most places, email me at for further inquiries

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